Issue 5(5): ~ Managing Exercise-Induced Medical Cases. ~ Basic Concepts of Canine Rehabilitation


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Managing Exercise-Induced Medical Cases

As the athletic demands increase, there is a proportional increase in the physical demands placed upon the animal’s body. There are two scenarios of exercise induced medical problems. One is the case where a dog is involved in an activity that stresses the body’s metabolism past the point it can function. The other case is where a specific activity that either exposes or causes a medical problem.

Basic Concepts of Canine Rehabilitation

Veterinary physical therapy is the process of reconditioning body tissues that have been injured or diseased to their previous state or to a manageable state. Potential applications include recovery from medical cases, injuries, or post-surgical cases. There are three factors to consider in designing rehabilitation regimen. These three areas of influence are the dog’s structure, physiology and psychology. The concepts of rehabilitation can be applied to all species that are seen by the Veterinarian.