We are excited to announce that the SportsVet online courses are now approved by the AAVSB for Veterinary Continuing Education Credit and are listed in the approved courses (https://www.aavsb.org/ce…/race/find-race-program-provider). Each course is worth 1 CE credit.

We developed the online SportsVet Academy presentations to follow the mission of SportsVet.com. The current courses offered are great for those beginning to start their path in this field. It is also for Veterinary professionals or Physical Therapists who would like some refresher courses related to Canine Athletes and Working Dogs.
•“Functional Anatomy for the Performance Dog”
Course covers how the tissues and structures of the dog’s anatomy function when the dog is moving or working.
•“Applied Biomechanics for the Performance Dog”
Introduces the science of biomechanics and how it applies to canine performance.
•“Gait Analysis for the Performance Dog”
Course covers canine locomotion and how it can be analyzed.
We’re in the process of building other online courses at this website.
May be an image of dog and text that says 'SportsVet Academy Courses The Science of Canine Performance Course 1 -Functional Anatomy for the Performance Dog Course 2- Applied Biomechanics for the Performance Dog SportsVet.com Course 3- Gait Analysis for the Performance Dog'