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The Science of Canine Performance
Canine Performance Science focuses on conditioning and training for optimum output and prevention of illness and injury. It has application to those individuals that own, train or handle any Canine Athletic, Working Dog or Detection Dog. It can also be used by Veterinarians interested in the field of rehabilitation and other related rehabilitation professionals. This information is helpful even if an individual has previously taken basic courses in canine anatomy or biomechanics.

We have developed the online SportsVet Academy to follow the mission of, a website dedicated to performance dogs. It includes educational courses covering topics relevant to performance dogs. The current courses offered are great for those beginning to start their path in this field.

•“Functional Anatomy for the Performance Dog”
Course covers how the tissues and structures of the dog’s anatomy function when the dog is moving or working.

•“Applied Biomechanics for the Performance Dog”
Introduces the science of biomechanics and how it applies to canine performance.

•“Gait Analysis for the Performance Dog”
Course covers canine locomotion and how it can be analyzed. We’re in the process of building other online courses at this website.

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