Dr. Gillette is now working for Nutramax Laboratories in Lancaster, SC.  They have developed a Center devoted to Canine Wellness and Performance. It is called the Nutramax Wellness and Performance Center (NWPC).  It is a specialty center devoted to expanding our knowledge in the nuances of the musculoskeletal system and ways to optimize overall health. It is accepting patients with hard-to-diagnose lameness, non-surgical lameness or any performance related issues.  It does not provide general veterinary care, any emergency services or after hour appointments. A Veterinary referral will be needed enroll any pet in this project. If you have an emergency with your pet please call your nearest veterinarian.

Canine Performance and Sports Medicine Services

Musculoskeletal Information

There are may dogs who have some sort of abnormal movement or low-grade lameness.  Most of these are non-surgical cases that just don’t seem to improve or go away.  We are interested in acquiring information related to these types of cases and resolving them if possible.

Performance Dogs (Athletic or Working Dogs)

The NWPC includes a service devoted to the canine athletes and working dogs.  The dogs that are performing tasks and competing in events above the activities of a normal dog require a service that understands the complex needs of these unique dogs.  If a dog’s performance is off, there are many potential issues that may be related.  To identify and correct them requires an understanding of the physical, physiological and psychological factors of canine performance.  We call these the Three P’s (3P) of performance.

Canine Performance and Sports Medicine Services

Dr. Gillette has a long history of working with these unique patients to optimize their capabilities, identify performance problems and how to properly correct any deficiencies.  The service has a gait laboratory that utilizes computer enhanced videography to help identify gait alterations and abnormal movements.  Thermography is used to help identify inflammation and aberrant heat changes within the musculoskeletal system.

Canine Performance and Sports Medicine Services

Patients can range from the high level working dogs, competition dogs or just your canine work out companion.