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New Veterinary Services at VSC in Chicago
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New Veterinary Services at VSC in Chicago

Dr. Gillette is now working with the Veterinary Specialty Center (VSC) in Buffalo Grove, IL. VSC is a state of the art, Veterinary specialty hospital which is in the process of expanding its sports medicine and rehabilitation services. Phone (847) 459-7535 or please click above for more information.

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Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog

An introduction to the basics of Canine Anatomy, Locomotion, Gait Analysis, & Palpation.

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A Newsletter that discusses optimizing performance, training, conditioning, preventing injuries, therapeutics, and rehabilitation. Six Issues per year.

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Computer-Assisted Videographhic Gait Analysis for the Athletic or Working Dog.

For those with an interest in Greyhound Racing I am including some information related to the racing environment and the racing surface. Some of the information provided is based on data from a study funded by the Kansas Racing Commission back in 1990.The rest is based upon experience working with racing Greyhounds, racing commissions, and track management.

Enhancing the Greyhound Racing Experience

Evaluating the Greyhound Racetrack Surface for Proper Management

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