Veterinary Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Gillette is now seeing Performance and Veterinary Sports Medicine patients in the greater New Jersey area.  Please call (732) 363-1375 between the hours of 9 am ET and 4 pm ET for an appointment.  We do not provide any emergency services or after hour appointments. If you have an emergency please call your nearest veterinarian.

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A Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Service will address the Rehabilitation Process by recognizing the structural, metabolic and psychological factors of the patient’s return to function.  The ultimate goal is to get them back to their previous level and if that is not possible, to the highest quality of life.  Most pets want to be home during the rehab period.  The client will be educated on the their pet’s injury and instructed on how they can manage their pet during the rehabilitation period.


If the client wants or elects, some or all rehabilitative services can be performed by the SMR staff.  Therapeutic services include underwater treadmill, therapeutic exercises, low-level therapeutic laser, neuromuscular electrical stimulation as well as many other rehabilitation activities and modalities.

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