SportsVet Veterinary Services in New Jersey

SportsVet Veterinary Services

Specializing in Performance and Active Dogs, with a special interest in Non-Surgical Lameness.

Dr. Gillette is now seeing patients in the greater New Jersey area.  Please call (732) 363-1375 between the hours of 9 am ET and 4 pm ET for an appointment.  We do not provide any emergency services or after hour appointments. If you have an emergency please call your nearest veterinarian.

Mobile Services are Available.

Veterinary Services & Fees
Examination & Consult $150.00
House Call $1 per mile for two way trip
Computer Gait Analysis $100.00
Thermographic Imaging $100.00
Laser Therapy $60.00
Lameness Diagnostics

A service designed to evaluate and diagnose musculoskeletal lameness in animals. Advanced technologies are available for assessment.

  • Computer enhanced video gait analysis
  • Thermography
  • Advanced palpation capabilities

Once the cause of the lameness is diagnosed a therapeutic management plan can be developed for non-surgical cases. If it is determined that surgery is needed, the case can be referred to a surgical service

.Motion Analysis of the Dog

Thermographic Image Left Side Thermographic Image Right Side

Musculoskeletal Palpation