Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog

This is an instructional compact disc (CD) created to be a guide to understanding canine motion and soundness of the dog.  The intent of this CD is to introduce the user to the basics of gait analysis and soundness evaluation of the dog. Click here for more information about Instructional CD Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog


The Athletic & Working Dog Newsletter

The Newsletter was created to provide information for those individuals that work with or handle the athletic or working dog.  Click here for more information about The Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter


Greyhound Racing Information Documents

Informational documents covering the Greyhounds Racing Gait and the Racing Surface. This topic will be addressed in two parts. The first part will cover the basics of the Greyhound racing gallop. The second part will cover how to evaluate the Greyhound Racing Surface. You can click on the links below to view these topics.  Click here for more information about Managing the Greyhound Racing Surface, Parts One and Two authored by Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE, DACVSMR



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