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All dogs are capable and willing exercise companions

These pages are designed to provide some basic information to those individuals who work with athletic and work dogs.  Here are some web pages that can be accessed on this website, Newsletters that can be purchased through my Webstore and an Instructional CD that can also be purchased through my webstore.



Structural Actions of Paw Impact

New Page on Paw Impact:


Muscle Actions of the Legs During Locomotion of the Dog Basic Dog Scents – Odor Production & Management Dog Toes: MusculoSkeletal Basics and Joint Sprains in Athletic Dogs
Relieving Muscle Pain in the Dog’s Lower Back & Hips Basics of Locomotion and Gait Analysis of the Dog Canine Sports Medicine Overview
Active-Pet The Canine Workout Companion Clinical Aspects of the Canine Athlete
Feeding the Canine Athlete Optimum Performance of the Dog Enhancing the Greyhound Racing Experience

Optimizing Performance – Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE

Canine Performance Science concentrates on optimizing the abilities of the dog as well as managing the related factors that can affect their performance.   Veterinary Sports Medicine is the field of Veterinary Medicine that focuses on how best to treat and manage the patient in a manner that allows for the restoration of normal form and function after injury or illness.

Although I enjoy working with all animals, I truly love the challenge of working with elite canine athletes and working dogs.  To me, being part of the team that prepares the dog is as exciting as being there when they need me as a veterinarian.  That is why I have devoted over half of my life to understanding all forms of canine performance and researching ways to optimize canine performance as well as how best to rehabilitate these elite patients.  For a more information on this please visit the page Canine Sports Medicine Overview.

“An active pet is a healthy pet.”

Please visit and check out my new page ( for information on exercises for the pet dog and how to prepare your dog to be your workout companion.


There was a time that I developed a newsletter, “The Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter”.  I did this for over 6 years, publishing a newsletter every other month.  Most of that information  is still pertinent and those issues are now available in a downloadable pdf format.  Visit the Newsletter page for more information. 

Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog

My Post-Doctoral degree is in the field of Biomechanics and one of my passions include biomechanics and how this applies to canine lameness diagnostics in the Veterinary field.  I created the Instructional CD titled”Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog” for veterinarians and other interested individuals to provide an informational resource on Functional Anatomy, Basics of Movement, Locomotion and suggested Palpation Techniques to help diagnose obscure lameness.  For more information visit the Instructional Compact Disc page.  It is now available in a downloadable format.


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