Consulting Services

Dr. Gillette is now seeing Performance and Veterinary Sports Medicine patients in the greater New Jersey area.  Please call (732) 363-1375 between the hours of 9 am ET and 4 pm ET for an appointment.  We do not provide any emergency services or after hour appointments. If you have an emergency please call your nearest veterinarian.


Governmental, Industrial, Group Advisory on Athletic and Working Dog Activities, Management and Issues

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Academic Background

  • Assistant Scientist, Adjunct Appointment, Animal Care Unit, University of Kansas. Lawrence, KS.  Carry out personal ongoing research projects.  1/92 – 7/97.
  • Clinical Research Fellow, Scott-Ritchey Research Center, Auburn, AL 1997-2000
  • Associate Research Professor, Academic Appointment in the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University. 2000 – 2012

Governmental Agency and Canine Special Interest Groups

  • Kansas Racing Commission
  • National Greyhound Association
  • American Greyhound Track Operators Association
  • Greyhound Industry & Racetrack Consultant
  • Association of Racing Commissioners International
  • Masters of Foxhounds Association
  • American Field Sporting Dog Association
  • Detection Dog – Consulting with state congressional representatives and their staff
  • Detection Dog – Consulting with federal congressional representatives and their staff
  • Detection Dog – Advised and worked with federal canine programs
  • Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detection Group


  • General Practice
  • Laboratory Animal Veterinarian in the Animal Care Unit at the University of Kansas
  • Senior Research Fellow – Research on wound healing and reconstructive surgery
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Performance Science of the Canine Athletes & Detection and Working Dog
  • Managed Canine Performance Laboratory
  • Nutritional


  • Director – Veterinary Sports Medicine Program, Auburn University
  • Director – Animal Health & Performance Program, Auburn University
  • Director – Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Service, Veterinary Specialty Center
  • Director – Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Service, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital