Pet Health Collars

Monitoring the Health Status of the Dog – The PetPace™ Collar

For decades Dr. Gillette has been researching dog movement and metabolism as it relates to exercise and work.  This information can be used to benefit all pet dogs who are healthy, sick, ill or lame.  Many times he needed to monitor the dog’s metabolism while the dog was active.  He utilized many various monitoring systems over the years to get important data like Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature.  He also used GPS systems to determine the dog’s activities.  He has recently been looking at the PetPace™ Collar as a way to acquire this information in an easy to use and understandable manner.  This is a collar worn by your pet that continually reads the vital signs of your pet. It can be used to determine the health status for the day, month or anytime your pet  is wearing the collar.

The paragraph below is from a post at and provides a good overall description of the PetPace™ collar:

“Technically speaking, PetPace is a collar and base that communicates with a 24-hour monitoring service to track your pet’s health. Most animals aren’t good at communicating when they’re not feeling well. Some even hide. But when sensors in their collar pick up temperature, respiration, pulse, and HRV, their owner  — or even a vet — can see their condition on their phone app or on the web. Abnormalities in the readings trigger an alert to the concerned parties; and vets may use PetPace for inpatient as well as outpatient monitoring.”

Dr. Gillette has tried this collar on his two dogs and it worked as described.  We recently agreed to provide access to the PetPace™ Collar  through the SportsVet website.  This link will take you to the site for more information and how to purchase the PetPace™ Collar .

Future uses:

Dr. Gillette is working on a project in which  the collar could be used to monitor the metabolic state of a dog while it is exercising.  We will try to update as we learn more.